About HTD

Her Travel Diaries is a blog & online magazine for those who love to travel and discover – besides and within the daily routine.

We wish to share with you inspiring travel-related stories of outstanding personalities and hints that help you to make the best out of your travel. Enjoy ‚Her Travel Diaries‘ and visit us also on Facebook!

And who is Her?

Gerlinde Co-Founder, Editor in Chief

Gerlinde (30) is an Italian and French teacher in Austria and simply loves to discover different countries, cultures, cuisines and especially those related to ‚her‘ languages. Since the foundation of the blog in 2014, she has felt particularly lucky to have had the chance to visit more than 100 new places all over Europe, to meet inspiring people and old friends at the most surprising places! (ger)


Irene • Food & Culture editor

Irene (31) is an Italian and German teacher in Vienna, Austria. As she is convinced that the best way to get to know a different culture, is through discovering its language and food, she decided to make new experiences in 2009: Being herself a passionate cook and traveler she moved south to Italy, where she lived for several years and always followed her related passions. Irene joined the HTD team in November 2015.


Kerstin • Cities & In Portrait editor

Kerstin (29) is a Media and Communications Graduate with a passion for traveling, adventure and exploring. She’s a firm believer that life on the road with all its challenges enhances personal growth like nothing else. Kerstin joined the HTD team in November 2015.


….                           Marta • Co-Founder

Marta (30) is a Polish lawyer and passionate observer of public policy debates, especially when they relate to law, society, education,  family and women issues. She gained her work experience while traveling within the transatlantic area. Enjoys visiting friends around the world. (mar)

Email us: hertraveldiaries(at)gmail.com

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