Survival Guide for Packing

You are in love with traveling, but you feel like confronting the Mount Everest only when you think of packing? Then you are definitely in respectable society. For a long time I have also lost quite some energy by trying to pack my luggage quicklier and more effectively. I have to admit that it still hasn’t become one of my favorite occupations, but I let Seneca speak:

„Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.“

So I took the challenge and reflected again and again how to turn packing into a more uplifting activity. Following considerations have helped me a lot and I hope that they will also allow you to save time and energy for your actual adventure!

How to use this list?

1. Copy the list below into a text document.  2. Adapt it according to your personal needs.  3. Print the list or mark/delete/… the objects once they are packed.

Suggestions for a one week trip (beach and sightseeing program)


  • address book
  • camera + SD card + batteries (recharger)
  • chewing gum
  • literature for the journey
  • money
  • notebook / jotter / diary
  • passport
  • pencils, pens
  • recharger (for your mobile)
  • snacks
  • sun glasses
  • tickets (train / bus / airplane)
  • travel information
  • umbrella
  • water bottle / something to drink

Suitcase ~ traveling utensils

  • accessoriesLugagge
  • adapter
  • beach wear & towel & bag & sun cream
  • belt
  • clothespins
  • handkerchiefs
  • headwear
  • laundry bag
  • marking for the luggage
  • medicaments
  • pajama
  • present for the host
  • sewing kit
  • shoe polish
  • toiletries: soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair gel, shaver, nail polish, make-up,….
  • towel
  • travel dictionary

Suitcase ~ clothes

  • dresses
  • jacket
  • leggins
  • sandals
  • scarfs
  • shirts
  • shoes
  • shorts
  • slippers
  • socks
  • sweater
  • tights
  • trainers
  • trousers
  • underwear
  • veste

If you love to motivate and compete with your yourself in a fun way, then this could speed up your packing time and even lift up your spirits:

a) Try to pack as much as you remember without the list. Then compare it to the list.

b) Estimate the time for packing and try to go below it. Then next time you travel, even try to be a bit faster.

As our motivation is incredibly raised when we get rewarded, please don’t forget about this little, but important aspect!

 Bon voyage! (ger)

You have other suggestions and ideas? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment.

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