6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Your Friend’s Wedding Abroad (and Even Overseas)

Some weeks ago I opened my post box and among all the bills there was also something that made my day : A lovely invitation to a wedding of dear friends. My mind worked hard for a couple of days to weigh up whether I shall attend it or not.
Thus here some hints that may help you to take Too one of your best decisions – not only because you will be there on your friend’s most important day, but as you might be also blessed with countless, unforgettable moments, impressions and conversations.

There are of course many pro and cons why we shall go or not for certain trips. As so many times, money, time and other obligations play a huge role. But when it comes to ask ourselves what the most important values in our lives are, probably almost all of us will unanimously agree – besides some others – on friendship and family. And exactly for this reason, we would like to encourage you to even travel half around the world, if a dear friend of yours is getting married abroad:

#1  That’s what friendship is about!

Most likely your friend lives abroad and that’s the reason you would have to take all the effort to be there on their big day. But doesn’t friendship also mean to share moments of joy? That’s exactly why you received this honorable invitation and why you have been staying in touch, even if you have lived in different countries for many years. Thus, when to celebrate your relation, if not on your friend’s ‚biggest day‘?

#2  Your friend won’t forget your efforts and presence

For most of the newly weds a wedding also means a ‚meet and greet marathon‘ with their beloved ones. Of course, it’s not the moment to catch up on all the latest news and events in your life, but it’s your presence that counts and means a lot to them. Wouldn’t it mean a lot to you too?

#3  You will learn more about your friend than on any weekend that you have spent together

Weddings are feasts when the couple’s past, present and future is present in the most unique way. Speeches by family members are given, family stories and pictures are presented, old and new friends are there and the common future of the ‘just married’ is discussed and celebrated. And you will be surprised to still learn that many things, you didn’t know yet about your friend. Is there a more joyful way to do so?

#4  You will do have some extra time with your friend

Most weddings are organized in a way that friends from abroad have the chance to spend some time with the bride and / or groom on the day before or after the wedding (for a dinner or lunch). If you are not sure, if such a more personal time is scheduled, just ask. From the organizational point of view, a wedding mostly means a source of enormous amount of work for the couple. But be assured that they will be more than happy to meet you, if they have invited you even from abroad. And if they can’t set up something like that, you will definitely be one of their ‚priority guests‘ at the wedding!

#5  It’s a holiday also for you!

You can make the best out of a wedding by taking off a couple of days and turning them into holidays! It will definitely be a long weekend that pays – even if you have to resign to another trip for financial or work reasons. If you feel uneasy about hanging out alone in an unknown city, simply ask friends and / or the couple, if there will be somebody in town who also looks for a „sightseeing“ partner!

#6  You might regret not to have been there

Speaking from my own experience, I do regret not to have been present on a couple of weddings abroad – even if the friendships really didn’t suffer from that. There is a lot of understandable reasons not to attend weddings and in case, you are still undecided, this fun illustration might be of help for you! (ger)

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