Meet María Alejandra (26) from Honduras Alias La Cooquette, Who Combines Food, Blogging, YouTube & Traveling in the Most Delicious Way

One of the best things about traveling? – Of course, discovering new tastes and cuisines! 

We are happy and proud to present you María Alejandra (26) from Honduras, a rising star in the blogger sky who brings via YouTube international flair, colors and – last but not least – extraordinary (and easy to make!) delicacies right into our living room! And why are we so proud of this exclusive interview? María Alejandra and her husband, based in L.A., are currently making a splash in the virtual food creator world as La Cooquette! And not only for this reason:
We are huge fans of her uplifting, motivating, helpful, authentic and fun videos in English and Spanish! Here is HTD’s interview on how and why she started her blog, what made her success and why traveling and culinary are so intrinsically tied!


HTD: You have started your blog in November 2013, your channel in 2014 and only on YouTube you have more than 7,600 subscribers. Where, do you think, does this positive response come from? 

Time goes by so quickly, wow! Well I think people are liking the recipe videos a lot – I know they are good quality videos because the person who shoots and edits them is very skilled (and also my husband, a super bonus point!) so there’s one thing. And then I started noticing a lot of growth when I started showing more of my real personality: at first I was very shy and my videos were super calm and of course I’m not like that! And surprisingly people started to like the whacky me! Haha We love inspiring people with food and in that process entertaining them is key!

HTD: Where do your ideas and recipes comes from?

My inspirations come from my everyday livings, really. I wanted to have a channel that included fun and creative recipes with lots of imagination, because that’s what I love about cooking (it’s a chance to experiment and unleash your creativity), so things that are innovative, quirky, unique or a combination of those really catch my eye. I’m also inspired by my culture, my Honduran heritage and recipes, as well as the many types of cuisines I’ve come to know from traveling and living abroad, and we love showcasing Latino/Hispanic traditional food videos that can also help people discover a lot more than just the taste of a place or a dish, but also the culture and history of its people. 11722076_845720002164191_6756901213910893514_oFood is a very big deal because it has so many implications and can transport you to a place or even a different era! That’s why we’re making more food and travel content – I’m sure you’d agree it’s quite interesting and inspiring!


HTD: The best taste in the world?

Garlic or coffee (not together…!). The taste of garlic is indescribable, it’s spicy and pungent and flavorful and can be sweet and tart. Especially when I found out there are more than 50 types of garlic in the world! And it’s so true, I’ve tasted many one time!  And also COFFEE – the bittersweetness of coffee at whatever time in the day is a great companion!

HTD: Your favorite recipe?

It’s so hard to pick one! But I would have to say the recipes that my aunt Lupe makes, especially her “sopa de caracol” (conch soup). WOW. I don’t think I can eat too much of it!  

HTD: A cooking secret that you would like to share with us?

Well, something really funny: if you hold a piece of bread in your mouth while you are chopping a raw onion you won’t cry!

HTD: You are from Honduras. Why do we have to put this country on our ‚traveling list‘?

HondurasHonduras is a place filled with wonder, unexplored lands and amazing people. It might have a bad reputation for security concerns but once you step foot on it and find a good local to guide you, to meet its people, you realize it’s very rich and lovable! There are breathtaking sights, mountain, beach, you name it, and whoa don’t get me started on the food! In the end, even if you visit for a weekend, I can assure you your heart will be full!  

HTD: María Alejandra, thank you very much for this tasty and inspiring interview! (ger)


And her is one of her videos that HTD loves especially – guess why!? 😉


Photo credits: La Cooquette


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