HTD has a new destination…

What a journey it has been! A couple of years of talking to wonderful people about their inspiring journeys and discoveries – and sharing what we could learn from them!

As you might sense, HTD is taking a new path.


„One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.“ (Henry Miller) – This was one of the quotes that inspired some friends and me, as we got more and more concrete about the idea of a blog that should „track“ outstanding journeys. The aim was to gather (true!) inspiring stories that are based on discoveries made thanks to traveling the world and by living well one’s wild, exciting and challenging journey of life.

And who had thought, that this quote would resume best what this blogging journey has been to us too!

How much I could learn!-Not only from a practical point of view (yes, this was our first blog and technic can be quite tricky some time!), but also for the soul: I could learn so much from the courage of every single person I could interview. And meanwhile, I learned to listen carefully and very intentionally. Preparing an interview is so similar to a trip. You decide the destination, but you don’t know how it will really look like and what it will teach you. It means to engage completely in something quite unknown. It means to let yourself be taken to a world (of somebody else) and requires to forget about your perspective for a moment. It means to listen. That’s what I could mainly learn. And it really opened up to me new ways of seeing things – and hopefully to you too.  Most rewarding about HTD for me personally were however all the beautiful friendships that were born and deepened thanks to HTD-and I cordially want to thank once more every single person, who was involved in this blog (especially Marta, Irene and Kerstin)! Thank you so much for your readiness to cross my path with yours, thank you for teaching me to see things differently!

So what led to HTD’s new path and what will it look like? For me personally this last year’s journey (aka the time since the last post) was more winding than I have expected it to be. And to be honest, the exact destination is still not set, but the passions of discovering, traveling, learning and sharing inspirational findings with others should be part of it. But good planning takes time and focusing.

For this reason, HTD will „retire“ and as it is quite typical for this period of life: life goes on – differently! In other words, the blog will stay online, the HTD facebook account too and the HTD instagram account will stay active! (Feel more than free to follow htd_ / !) And at the right moment, we might sporadically get back to this page!

And yes, we will miss this activity and gratefully say thank you to our readers from 76 countries all around the world! (yellow countries on the mysterious world map above ;), red marked is Austria, the country where we are based)

Please feel invited to read and share our articles with friends, who are e.g.. traveling to places, we have written about  –– & who need a quote that lifts them up – –and 

last but not least, I would like to remember you of our photo exhibition: Laure, the photographer, of the 7 series wanted us to remember that the traveling and holiday spirit is not only related to a holiday destination. It is a way of seeing and living things.

Let’s take the ‚traveling spirit‘ into our daily routine and turn it too into an inspiring adventure: That’s what I wish myself and you!


Gerlinde (co-founder and editor in chief)

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