Prague in the Spotlight

Friends are there to share joys, sorrows – and expertise. „In The Spotlight“ is a best of-selection of must-see-cities in Europe and abroad, that should allow also busy ladies and gentlemen to enjoy the most worthy aspects of a place within a couple of hours!


This time we are happy to present you PRAGUE  and we cordially thank Julia (26, Vienna, physical therapist with a strong passion for traveling) for her hints!

Top sights: Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town (the Astronomical Clock!), Charles Bridge, Loreto Church

Cuisine: Close to the bells ring, in front of the town hall, there is a rustic restaurant (in the cellar). Don’t miss to try the „Trdelnik“ (typical cinnamon stick; and watch how it’s done; many little stands and bars offer it especially in the Old Town). And don’t forget to order a beer ice cream!

Culture: What about an evening at the Národní divadlo (National Theatre) – one of the symbols of Czech national identity and cultural heritage?

Shopping: The Wenceslas Square in the New Town is a quite elegant area and even if your trip budget doesn’t provide for a big shopping tour, you might enjoy the atmosphere which is very different to the Old Town – or one of the many bars and pubs there!

For the soul: Allow yourself a moment of rest in the beautiful baroque church, St. Nicholas (Metro Station on Line B: „Náměstí Republiky“).

Insider tip: What about listening to a sponanteous jam session at the hipster student bar „Vzorkovna“?

General advices: The money currency is the Czech crown (koruna; 100 CZK are approximately 4 EUR). The metro network is very good, the tickets are relatively cheap and if you stay for about three days, you will save money, if you buy the 72 hours ticket!

And what do/did famous people say about Prague?

“ The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade.“ (Richard Wagner)

Exactly! (ger)



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