In Portrait: Mercedes (32) from Spain, on Work Life, Family Balance and Traveling

The life of young women and men can be compared to packing the bag or a rucksack before a long journey, collecting the items, that are necessary to go through any unexpected situation, that the journey will bring.

Mercedes (32) is a beautiful and brave young woman, I met while exploring the North of Spain.

HTD: What helped you on the way of becoming a young professional woman, who balances work and family life?

I graduated with a major in journalism at the University of Navarra and specialized in Fashion. After working in this area a few years, I got married and started a family. When I was expecting a child, my heart changed. Certainly, I wanted to be a great professional but at the bottom of my heart, what I really wanted, was to be a great mom. I went through some course of family education, where I thought, that what matters is not only the ‘quality time’ with your family but also the ‘amount of family time’. So, I studied another program, that prepared me to become a teacher of Spanish language. Now I have a wonderful job in a prestigious school, that allows me to spend more time with my precious family.

HTD: What are the skills that are necessary for a young woman to develop before she jumps into the family & work life?

I think that the academic preparation is essential. The higher your academic level, the more chances you have to choose a job that suits best your specific family situation. I think it is easier to get a reduction of working hours, if you are a very valuable employee, whose skills are much valued and needed in the workplace. There are many personal skills that one needs to develop, and those are very important in the professional field and in family life. Nobody wants to work eight hours with a nasty person instead of spending time with spouse and children. Why are various skills and a good education that important? I usually give the example that adolescence and youth is the time to fill a large bag, to fill it with reading, sport, friendship and learning various skills, such as cooking, sewing, crafts, etc. Once the new stage of your life has started, your family life, you will distribute the items from your basket among those who are the closest to you. The way you invest your time as a young woman influences a lot your adulthood.

HTD: What should young women keep in mind, while traveling with family? Do you have any good hints on this?

I will not give you a long list of purely material things, since it is not too hard to make such a list, however… what it is really necessary, is the right attitude. I mean to know what you really want to have out of this family trip. If your ultimate goal is to spend time with your family and make them happy, then think of how to make this trip truly memorable by your good attitude. Do nothing to alter your relatives‘ peace and joy. For example, if problems (that arMercedes and familye always present, by the way) occur, than ideally take it with good humor and take advantage of it.


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